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 Plot soon to be ?

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Plot soon to be ? Empty
PostSubject: Plot soon to be ?   Plot soon to be ? EmptyThu Mar 15, 2012 2:14 pm

uhm , to make it more interesting , Imma be playing as 4 or more characters Wink

First of

The Lovable High Elf ,..... Xin :3 ! He doesn't know anythng about his past except for the fact that he is a geomancer and was fully trained by the Pandarens in the tiim skip Wink ! He's fun and adventurous , so don't be surprise if he's the first one in danger Very Happy ! His goal is to discover his past Very Happy and - whisperly ghost voice xD - join the Asgradien Heros ( -drum rolls- who do you guys think ? They're you guys Very Happy ) in the quest to save the world :O !

Second :
Introducing .... Tora .....The Bunny Samurai ... WT Heo ?!? Like I said , there are Hybrids here , well Tora is a hybrid too Smile He's half human half bunny :O ! His goal is to regain his family's honor by becoming the world's most powerful samurai , he has made alot of enemies on his way , but yet has he made a friend . Smile Lone wolf eh ?

third :
Da'githeus The Dark Lord of The Burning Legion

He's the dark lord of the Burning Legion , The Most powerful force in the Underworld ! Even The Gods fear him , even the Death fears him :O ! He was once a living flesh , but he has taken interest in necromancy and fei magic , not even the greastest mage back
then would dare to combine these 2 types of magic together ! But he has also adapted t another source of power , a new element , not one of the 8 main elements , he has
adapted to the Dark Element , the ultimate source of fei magic and everything dark in the
whole universe . That is which has made him the immortal undead he is today , that is
what has made him the dark lord of the undead legion . He has taken interest in the living
world now , to be percise , Asgradien . He is in the process of regaining power and
making his army stronger . ( Imma be giving this character's role to another RPer once
I've found the proper RPer.)

4th :

Nul'gan Thol The Beast Lord of The Hidden Territory

Nul'gan was once just a beast , a normal monster , living in clans. But he was a coward back then , dare not to do anything , dare not to try anything , he just sit in one place , eating the taffies and candies that the adult beats stolen for the young beasts, thus gaining the nickname " Nulgath" , then , the time came , the time when they , the young ones , must be tested in order to continue living in the clan. Sadly, Nulath failed , and thus he was banished from the clan and his parents were killed for meat as part of the traditions. Enrage by this , he vowed , vowed that one day he shall return , return to destroy , to annihilate , to end those who have abandoned him ,those who have killed his parents. He then trained , trained , he then killed , killed , he then fought , fought the Lead Ones of the other clans. He gained underlings , reputation , and power. Then , on that night , he exacted him revenge on the same clan that betrayed him . He suceeded. Then he seeked more power , he seeked to the unknown , he seeked the Void , The Void Element , he made an allignment with it , he then felt a change , he felt that his blood altered. He became apart of the void . A Void Breed . Nul'gan had then created his territory in the void , and more beasts seeked to him , many wanted to challenge him , but they failed , some seeked to join him , and they were allowed , for a price : Their soul. But in exchange , they got what they need : Allignment with Nul'gan and Becoming a Void Breed . Those who followed him must follow 2 simple rules : Obey him , and never called him " Nulgath " . Until now , no one has heard of Nul'gan. But sometime ago , there were whispers , whispers fromthe unknown , the void , whispers that Nul'gan has been building his army of void breed , whispers that he has set him eyes on our worlds , whispers that he has planned to start of with Asgradien , whispers that he wants to take control of our land too! ... ( Like Da'githeus , I'll pass this role to another worthy RPer once I've found the right RPer Wink , cuz I only like Xin & Tora Very Happy )

to be continue
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Plot soon to be ?
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