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    PostSubject: Xin The Elven Geomancer   Xin The Elven Geomancer EmptyMon Feb 13, 2012 3:14 pm

    Xin was born an orphan, living without knowing who his father or mother is. Born an elven in a human town, he lived a hard life as a child because the human hate magical being. Then one night, he ran away from the streets of the town, he ran, he ran. He kept running until he couldn't run anymore. He arrived at a house , then he broke down , lying in front of the door. A woman then opened the door and saw Xin. She took him in , raised him , adopted him as a family member, a member of the Soulintery family. He became brothers with Jaymond , a soon to be king elf. As a 5-year old boy , Xin couldn't ask for more.

    TIME SKIP ( After 6 years Razz )

    After 6 years , Jaymond came back to the house and a few months later , he was asked to become an elder/king of the elves , Jaymond asked Xin to come and train with him which Xin agreed. The 2 brothers trained hard. Soon They both ou mastered elf magic and elf combat skillfully. Jaymond then left to build his own Village. Xin continued his journey as a 13 year old boy. By then , he wasn't sure that Elf magic was the right choice for him. He kept travelling place to place. Until ... one day , Xin passed through a meadow , a hole in the ground suddenly appeared and Xin fell in. When he waked up, he found himself in a huge valley with mountains everywhere. He looked at the hill in front of him and he saw...... Capricornus , the Ancient God Of Earth and Nature. Capricornus was surprised , as only those who were afflicted to the proto-element Earth could travel here. He then asked for Xin's name and then he sensed great potentials inside the boy. He then asked if Xin wants to learn Geomancy , in which Xin said no at first. But then , Capricornus said that : " I know that you share the blood of High Elf and Dark Elf , even if that's true , you must not stop believing in yourself just because you have the blood of Dark Elves. What is better - born good or overcoming the evil inside yourself ? "
    This had changed Xin's decsion, he accepted to be trained as a Geomancer. Capricornus taught Xin everything he knew, and was surprised of Xin's fast learning . After 2 years, he completed his training and Capricornus then said that he would be Xin's guardian , following him anywhere he goes. Capricornus also said : " Xin my child , there are many more people who are skilled in Geomancy as well , sometimes the best comes from the worst, you must not judge them by their apprearance, only so you can learn great things from them. " After that , Xin started his journey , he battled many , helped many , saved many and now , with his eyes set on Blue Moon Village , he would make history someday as a great Geomancer and a Great Adventurer

    And many more stories to come Very Happy
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