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 Jaymon Soulintery: Lord Of the Elves

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PostSubject: Jaymon Soulintery: Lord Of the Elves   Jaymon Soulintery: Lord Of the Elves EmptyMon Feb 13, 2012 2:22 am

[b]As a child Jaymon and his family was known as outsiders. His evil father was whom to blame. Jay was not accepted in any of his villages schools, as they were humans and distrusted elfs who were mythical creatures. Even though he lacked the knowledge of the schools in his village Jaymon was the smartest of his family. He excelled in reading, writing, serveral languages, and map making. At the age of 10 he was accepted into a small private school outside of his village. Since The journey would be made in a day or two he was accompanied by his eldest brother Zyler.
This journey would to be the bondingship of the two brothers. When the two had set out into the woods of Darklin They discovered a small fishman's home. This would be the home of Jay's future friend's father. When night grew the two brothers had set camp near a small tree. They had luckily been prepared with many equipment as if Jay's mother was very protective and worried for her two sons. As the night progressed it was said in jay's journal that a furious creature had lived in those woods.It was said to be called the great Troll. This troll had been harassassing all of the travals at the peek of 12pm. This would be the time the two brothers would be asleep now. When the troll had come out he had noticed the camp now drawing his axe he charged the camp. Zyler, Jay's brother would have sensed this and would have awaken and vanished behind the troll to now be drawing his great steel sword. He would then strike the beast with full force luckily Zyler was very skilled with magic. This magic would increase his strike and cut the troll very deep now. Not effected by this but badly injured the troll and strike backwards with his hand now hitting Zyler and sending him back. The Fight would now awaken the young Jay and he would grow worried and scared as he would see the shadows. As the fight would progess the two fighters would grow tired and nearly out of energy. Zyler as i said was skilled in types of magic would plan his last trick by summoning his best follower. The High Elf Elder's Dragon. As this dragon would obey and help any elf in need of help. When the troll would rush Zyler he would create a distraction sending the troll in the said of a boulder. He would now call upon the dragon. It would flash to the side of the Zyler. Now Zyler would tell this dragon to finish the troll with a fire blast. The dragon would obey and send a dangerous ball of fire to the troll. Unable to dodge this the troll would go into a firery death and burn into ashes instantly. When the troll would be distroyed Zyler would dissmiss the dragon with a cool sigh of releif and thankfulness. The young Jay would now grow curious and look outside the camp tent. He would see his brother not knowing Zyler was good in magic dissmissing and thanking the dragon. Jay would now be surprized at this only because he thought he was the only one that could use magic. When he would se his brother return to the tent Jay would quickly go back to sleep. 6 months later Jay had suceeded in his classes. He had met many elf friends there to his surprize and his birthday would be approaching. It is said on the 13th birthday of an Elf they gain their full power. Jay Also found out that all elfs may choose to use magic. When he found out he thought of the day he saw his brother use magic. He would miss his family especially Zyler. The Day Jay turned 11 he had out smarted the elder people and had an education of an college student. Since he was to young to enter college he would wait. Since a College of Special Talents had invited him on his 18th birthday he would wait and celerbrate his 11 birthday. As the days passed and Jay had returned to his family, he had been training with his brothers Zyler, Collum, Raul, Xin And Jacob and his sisters Lia and Nia. They were training just in case they had to take action if the great dragon war would move to there village. As Elves they Learned quicker and moved faster. Zyler Had Been the best fighter following Raul. Still learning Jay Would Be the lowest fighter, but still had much heart. As two would pass Jay's 13th birthday would approach and his powers would fully come. Still Training his family would be fully ready for almost anything. They Were quick, Good with magic, had instincts that would surprize most, and there combat was over the top. Has days progessed Jay Birthday had finnally come. Rushing to him his family were excited to see his brother finnally have his full powers. at first Jay would awake and wait for his glow. Nothing would come, and the hours would go on. Jay would now feel as if he was nno longer an elf. As all elfs the powers would come as soon they would awake from sleep on there birthday. As Jay would head back to his room he would feel a shape pain. Now Lightly glowing his family would notice this. Jay Would now feel no pain but confusion. "what is going on," he would say in his thoughts. Jay Was then teleported to a temple. When he arrived five elves were siting in stone high chairs. One of the chairs however where empty. When He stood up a Elf in a long black robe gave him a stern look. He had told him to bow to his elders, and so he did. The Elder In the middle then told Jay that his life would be most important in the future. Jay Still confused would now take a step foward. The Elders had given him rank Lord Of The Elves. He had also become the 3rd elder, the elder who faced sickness and death. As this rank Jaymon was sent home to deliever the news. His family had thought the existance of the elders was gone, but they were wrong in the end they had thought. Jaymon Then said I wish to bring one of you with me to train and prepare. His first choice was Zyler His eldest brother. Zyler then had said that he had all the training he needed. His sisters and brothers Raul and Jacob agreed. Jaymon would now look at hos year older brother and invite him with him. This would be Brother Xin. Xin had agreed. They Soon were both teleported to the temple. The elder then said good luck to the boys as the training would be even more intense then there old training. as five years went by Jay and Xin Had surpassed all of there familys power. They were even more skilled then the High Elf protectors. The two brothers had earned respect after they had brought victory to the war of the great dragons. As the boys lived on they had fought many wars to bring peace. They had alos built many villages. After the death of the Elders jay had Burried them in peacefully into the small temple. He then built a village around this and soon became An Elf Village. six months after the village was complete A stranger had approached Jaymon. He had given him a journal then vanished. On it, it read Lord Jaymon The ll. This journal had dated back before jay was even born. As he read Jay Had found out that not only his father was the lord of the elves but his grandpa aswell. This was good news to Jay. His Father wasnt evil he just needed to protect his real self, jay thought to himself. The Story Of Lord Jaymon the lll still has many more but for now he remains secretive.

Name: Jaymon Soulintery Jr.
Age: Unknown
Interesting Facts: He Is the Lord Of the Elves
Father: Jaymon Soulintery
Mother: Nata Lia Soulintery
Grandpa: Jaymon Soulintery
Grandma: Angel Soulintery
Uncle: Lio Soulintery
Aunt: Emily Soulintery
Brother: Zyler Soulintery
Brother: Raul Soulintery
Brother: Jacob Soulintery
Brother: Xin
Sister: Lia Soulintery
Sister: Nia Soulintery
Cousins: Unknown

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Jaymon Soulintery: Lord Of the Elves
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