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    PostSubject: Harpy- Lycan of Stealth   Harpy- Lycan of Stealth EmptySun Feb 12, 2012 6:39 am

    Her nickname of old, though the second part is through Legends. Given to her for her uncanny ability to almost fly through the building tops of castles and estates alike. Her tale is one of pain and suffering; she has never not stood for what she believed in and running to suit.

    Raised in what is now known as Bulgaria she was in one of the few traveling families who crossed between the plains between Europe and Asia. She had the privilege when she was 10 to be kidnaped and trained in the art of the ninja mastering the ninjato over other forms that she neglected to concentrate on calling them "immoral on her soul" and was eventually casted out by indifference, but surely a bright star would be missed. Now 14 and nowhere to go, she wanted to return to her roots as she knew she didn't belong in that world what she looked so alien to.

    She returned on a trading convoy to the western world as soon as she could, with her ninjatos at her side she earned her keep in a gang of thief’s. She rose the ranks of the pack, earning in each day what some made in a week and earning her nickname what she would keep from there on. Over time she managed to afford a small home that grew as time went on, part used for the gang, the other for her experiments. She had learned much from her teachers, perhaps more then they thought. In the space of a year of returning this 15 year old girl led a group of 20, Some even 5 years older then her, with more respect to her then most leaders or protectors. in the next 6 months, she trained the 4 best Dash, slice, leap and shunt, who in turn lead others training them like she taught them. In those 6 months the gang of 20 became 30 then lingered on 60, they controlled half the underworld in their city, though contacts and fear they gained safe houses all over and for the next 6 years she was at the front of it all.

    Now 21 she chose to experiment with different materials for the next 2 years of her life. Looking back at her old teachings she gained ideas. she melted metals, acquired explosive powders, learned how to safely explode them, leaned how thick the metals needed to be, created barrels and adapted arrow heads into long slugs that managed to be propelled by the explosives at close range. Not happy with her creation, she extended range testing everything to its peak, only finally happy when she then forged the contraption base onto her own skin, the only one created, never to be remade again. She could then attach the barrel and a line of 4 powdered slugs to the mechanism that could be fired my bringing the hand into a full knife position.

    She then focused on her own personal armour. Knowing the strength of local metals well by now, she forged her own custom light weight armour, incorporating the best materials the black market could offer and losing most of her wealth to do so. She managed to pull off on of the most powerful and strong layers of armour, without it even able to weigh her down. Her work would also be her downfall in her now almost leaderless unit. The head 4 without her guidance splintered into 4 groups noted by different colours: Black under the cunning Dash, Red under "death hands" Slice, White under the swift Leap and Grey under the fool Shunt.
    The city was in turmoil each side landing blow for blow, Harpy had taught them well, but each knew what the other was think all the same. She then donned what she now calls her second skin. Seeing what she created harpy chose to act, she merged all 4 of their colours into her new set of robes with a hood to hide her identity along with a simple black mask. She then began a crusade to send the empire she created re-joined or crashed to the ground. She gathered her materials, took what was left of her money, and knew there was no turning back from that point on.

    Her first target was Grey, her weakest pupil of them all. She knew she could easily take him out in armed combat, but clever old harpy knew how to send a warning to end the fighting. At 12pm exactly in the centre of the grey territory a single crack sounded silently wiping though the streets reaching everyone's ears as shunt smashed into the ground with a blood pact on his hand. This stopped the fighting and united everyone under one banner. It was a shame this was the banner of black. Dash had used fear to remove leap though an almost fitting form of faked suicide, Slice on the other hand joined him willingly knowing their mentor was finally on the hunt and 2 heads being better then 1.

    It wasn't the fighting that forced her out. It was the propaganda her pupils used against her, her trick mastered and twisted to then be butchered by these fools. Leading on the ploy of witchcraft and with very few followers left, and sporting robe like her own, they used their last contacts to escape to Asia. The travel would change her life. On the 2nd night in a small cross continent campground it struck. With her creation welded to hand and her armour on in seconds she and the others with their best weapons the clashed with the monster. Harpy was the only one to live out of the 30 people at camp. She was the one to land the final blow, a shot to the brain had subdued the creature, but not before it had landed a bite on her forged arm. She pondered the damage for the next day at the bloody campground; her gun was fine better even as if damage to it had healed itself. Over the next night she transformed.
    Looking at herself harpy knew she was still herself; just her metal wrist was alive? Inspecting her body, her armour and robes grew with her, what is very strange as she grew around another 2-3 feet and was a lot bulkier. She then slowly came back down, hair retreating, height lowering, basically normal? Doubt that. Her mind lingered on it for some time as she played around with the transformation. Using it to gain ground and turning back to hide suspicion though a wandering girl in a desert would have been worrying full stop.

    After days of travel, she returned back to the place where she learned everything, from the people that needed to die. It was the reason she had come so far, to kill those who would know of her existence and speak of it. She was treated as a hero, her ninjatos remade with the best materials in the village and also enlarged though the people never knew why. On the night of her departing the village was celebrating Chinese New Year. She let of timed explosives around the place, hidden by the fireworks; they burned the place to a crisp. She dealt with all who lived leaving them in a shallow grave hidden under the ashes for good measure.

    She then returned to her city, exactly 15 years to the day she first returned. In Lycan form with a custom sword forged from the weapons of those who stayed with her before she left. She stormed through the main gate; the crude arrows bouncing off her skin, her armour never even got a dent. Once she entered the main gate and let out her roar they remembered who they angered less than a year before. the crowds of innocence parted as she carved a route to the last 2 of her pupils that she feared, leaping up to the balcony to remove both of them in a single powerful strike that left no evidence if you ignore the blood coated room and the blade left in the centre of the room lodged in the chests of Dash and Slice, a rather Ironic death for the 2 of them.

    She left shortly after, and left for good. Some say the town became a hive for traitors and thief’s’ and others say it just faded away with people leaving it forgotten. What really happened though was Harpy had left one final gift, Asian viruses that laid waste to everyone inside the walls. She then travelled from place to place, her Lycan form keeping her young and healthy allowing her to live longer than most. 3 years of traveling and she finally found knowledge of the world she now belonged in, but still she was different. She had weapon training and retained her skills, others of her kind where rabid and needed taming. She once again led in a male dominated pack using their connections and knowledge to find out about others though this took longer than she could have hoped for. She left the pack leaving them as they were even though they were hurt from being led by a female for nearly 10 long years. Drifting from village to village she has now set her eyes on Blue Moon; in a hope to finally belong in now her 46th year...

    (Final note, this only took 1 night to write edit and finish, and anyone good at art work, I would love for you to try and make my character in Lycan form ;D)
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