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PostSubject: Vithdokein   Vithdokein EmptySat Feb 04, 2012 11:39 am

Vithdokein (Literally translating to. Serpent of War) is the dragon Deity of War and Mortal Suffering, Youngest child of Akatosh the DragonGod of time, ruling with his Father and Brother, one of the few dragons to survive into the times of recorded history, was granted the ability to obtain a human form, in honour of his triumphs in the Dragon/Human war, he now roams the countryside, helping those in need and beating the Sh!t out of those who need it, being one of the first dragons in existance has been granted control over the elements, only a select few know of his true Identity, in the realm of mortals he calls himself, Abraham!

Etc Info:
Vithdokeins Dragon form is that of a large Blue and white dragon, as he transforms into the form of a mortal his wings then turn into Dual Claymores that adorn his back, these weapons are inscribed with Draconic runes and have been blessed by the Dragon Deity of War and Suffering, Granting him extreme Prowess in combat, each blade weighs approximately 5 tonnes when held by mortal kind, though in the hands of Dragonkind the blade is as light as a feather allowing him to carve through multiple enemies with his Massive swords as if he was wielding a dagger

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